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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we use the downloads for commercial activities?

A commercial license is included with every one of our free downloads, which allows you to use the products for business related products. You are forbidden however from sharing the downloads with us or re-posting the original files for others to download from any source by our own website.

Find out more about our license, via our licensing page

How large are the downloads offered here?

This greatly depends on the type of product offered. Most fonts are generally less than 200KB when zipped, with Graphics and images often much higher. We always include a small note of the file size in the product description just above the download button.

How do you make money from free downloads?

We are able to offer our design resources for free because we generate money via advertising and affiliate promotions. Many of the products offered at The Free Design Club are created in house, which gives us a greater level of control on each item offered. Because the items found here are available for free, they attract a lot of interest and downloads, which in turn helps us generate income.

I missed last weeks download by a few hours, can I still get it?

Sadly once a download has expired it is no longer available I am afraid. We give 7 days or 168 hours for users to download our products, unfortunately outside of this period we can no longer offer those downloads.

I downloaded a freebie from your site but have lost it. Can I get it resent?

If the product is still available for download on our site, you are free to download it again. But otherwise I am afraid it is no longer available.

Product Submission

How do I submit my products for consideration?

Send us an email on [email protected] with a link to your product and we will do our best to respond within 5 working days.