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By far our most popular category! Free script fonts are here to stay and we cannot express enough that we do not mind whether you download one, or all of them! We ourselves here at the FreeDesignClub.com know what it’s like to be a part of a wonderful group of people called – font addicts. Is it an addiction we wish to cure? No way! We love them and we will not stop downloading and collecting until we have them all.

Some people love shoes, some people collect stamps but we collect kick-ass typefaces that we can use time and time again. Better yet, they are all completely free to download and you can even check out what your desired phrase or word will look like by using our handy viewer at the top of each list. Take a browse through all of the pages and download any of the delicious scripts that take your fancy! If you’re not a fan of the swirly, curly goodness (how dare you) then we can recommend our other categories such as basic and gothic as we are sure they will tickle your fancy. If you’re a fan of beautiful calligraphy then we suggest you check out the calligraphy subcategory and enjoy! Remember, we won’t judge if you download them all for free today!

Scroll through as many pages as you like and remember to keep checking the time as it is so easy to get caught in a rabbit hole of awesome designs and drool-worthy typefaces.