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Free Rough Fonts

A Little More Info

A big fan of the rough and ready look? Then look no further! Our free rough fonts are perfect for satisfying your grunge-look addiction and we know that you will love how distressed these typefaces are. Due to the fact that they are so ‘worn’ and contain many little pixels to compile the letters, they can take a little longer to load when installing and also when selecting them to use in your programs. This is no problem and is due to the fact that your computer is checking that every little pixel is present and correct for displaying your font for you. If you regularly use this style of typeface you will know this already but if you’re new to the design world or just new to this style, it can be a handy fact to know! These particular downloads pair well with others but more often than not look best when they are allowed to stand out and be proud and loud on their own!

The best styles to pair them with if they are feeling lonely are thin and simple such as sans serif or a monoline script. If you are ever struggling to find a perfect match for a particular design you are working on then shoot us a message! We love helping out our fellow designers and adore having a new challenge to rise to (we all get a little competitive in the office and even have a scoreboard of who finds the perfect complimenting fonts the quickest). You can also have a browse through our other categories yourself and download some you feel may work and if they don’t then simply download some more!