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Free Retro Fonts

A Little More Info

Now, we are never ones to shy away from anything retro (if you saw some of our colleagues haircuts and fashion sense, you’d know why!) and we adore shopping for vintage furniture so these free retro fonts are right up our street! Not only are they useful for highlighting a certain era in a design you are creating but they can be super handy when trying to make something look fabulous darling! For example, why not use an art deco style font to add a class and sophistication to your logo or banner. We also find the lightbulb style fonts (where each letter is filled with little round ‘bulbs’) wonderful for labelling our work stuff, as nobody is going to steal your new folder when your name is literally in lights on the front are they!

Have a browse through and we are sure that you’ll be able to find one or two gems that jump out at you and simply scream ‘download us, download us, we want to be a part of your world!’. So why not give in to their demands and download some and give them a loving home nestled in safely among the other typefaces installed on your computer. We are sure they will settle in well! If you also take some time and join our Facebook group, you will get sneak peeks of the upcoming premium freebies and sometimes even get to vote on which one we are going to offer next! Go on, you know you want to and to be honest, we don’t blame you!