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Free Handwritten Fonts

A Little More Info

Our free handwritten fonts are some of the most beautiful and unique fonts on the entire site. The most popular font style in this category is the ‘signature style’ which literally looks like a stunning, calligraphic, handwritten signature. The evolution of typography has come a long way over the last five years and the fact that we can type on our keyboard and select to change the style of our words and end up with something that looks like it was done by hand is truly magical and exciting. Many years ago you would have had to have been a very skilled artist to have penmanship as gorgeous as we can now access with the click of our mouse!

How are they made? Well, more often than not they are actually completely hand drawn with pens or ink. They are then scanned at very high quality and then manipulated and cleaned up on a design program such as Adobe Illustrator and then transferred to a typeface creating program such as Glyphs. Are you a typography designer yourself? Why not submit some of your work to appear on the site! You can get in contact via email or using any of our social media accounts. We love finding new designers and the excitement of coming into the office every morning to check what new goodies have been uploaded to the site, is always there. Don’t worry, if you are not a designer and simply love fonts (who doesn’t?!) then you will always be welcome here at the FreeDesignClub.com!