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A Little More Info

Looking for free fancy fonts? Well, you’re in luck! We have a ton of them and they are all – free! Not sure what constitutes as fancy? We will explain! No, they are not fonts that walk around with top hats on and speak ever so posh, they are actually a whole range of styles available for immediate download. From cartoon styles that are perfect for kids invitations and kick-ass posters all the way to typewriter styles that are still cool to this day. We love the authentic feel of retro typefaces and like the idea of styles coming back into fashion time after time.

If your an 80’s baby, or a 60’s chick you’ll love reminiscing with our rad and wild offerings that you can download completely free of charge whenever you like. Hey, even if you like the look of one but aren’t sure it will work in your design, there is no harm in downloading and giving it a go! It didn’t look good? Then download another and another until you find the perfect fit! We are all script and sans addicts here at TheFreeDesignClub so you are in good company!┬áMake sure you check out some of the more obscure categories as you never know what you might find.

The fire and ice category is fun for creating styles you never knew you needed – until now! Go on, you know you want to but if you’d rather test them out before you add them to your collection, then just use the handy viewer at the top and type in your desired word or phrase and browse your choices, simple!