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Who else loves comic books? We sure do and some of our best memories are of us happily skipping down to the local store and spending hours looking through the new copies! As we got older, we learnt to appreciate more than just the rad stories, we also realised how cool the fonts and general typography were! Back then, it was mostly hand-drawn but nowadays, thanks to sites like ours, you can get incredible free comic fonts to download and use at the click of a button! Your childhood dream of creating your very own strip is now even easier than ever so there really is no excuse!

Even if nobody ever sees it, it’s great practice to hone your design skills and a cute memory you can pass down to your kids, as who knows, there may be no more stores that sell them when they are old enough to go browsing! You’ll find some super inspirational offerings in this area and some typefaces you will definitely recognize! If you’re not sure what to pair these fab downloads with, then we can help you with that! It would be best to take a look at the sans serif area because when you have such a fancy, flouncy header, you need to pair it with something a little smoother and softer to complement rather than clash! Remember to also check out the other areas of the site for some awesome design inspiration. The blog is a great place to start!