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Free Cartoon Fonts

A Little More Info

Those who would love to download our free cartoon fonts raise your hand! Ok, so we can’t actually see any of you to know whether you are holding up your hands or not, but we are going to assume you are! Cartoon fonts can help keep your designs fun and exciting by bringing a youthful edge. Not only do we have lots to choose from, but you will also be safe from the typeface that shall not be named (ok we will name it, Comic Sans!) and we promise that the ones you’ll find here will be much more sophisticated and charming. Did you know you can add any that you love to your wish list? Meaning you can come back and download them any time you like, without having to find them again! Some users also use the wish list as a favorite fonts area, so they can quickly see which are the ones they love the most and can easily choose one to use in their next design!

As let’s face it, when you have ten thousand of them installed on your computer, it’s hard to remember and find the ones you love most! You can also stay up to date with all of our premium freebies, offers and general office shenanigans by signing up to our mailer, following us on Instagram or giving us a cheeky like on Facebook! Or, if you are super old school then just make sure you check the site regularly so you don’t miss out!