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Free Calligraphy Fonts

A Little More Info

Calligraphy is possibly one of the most beautiful art forms out there! Check out our free calligraphy fonts for you to admire, download and use as you wish! Not only are they stunningly gorgeous but they are super useful too in so many areas of your designing. For example, they work perfectly for logos and can really help your brand stand out from the crowd, especially if you would prefer a hand-drawn vibe. Prominent in a lot of cultures, this writing style has a huge history in many countries and cultures. The Japanese name for it is ‘shodō’, in Chinese it is ‘shūfǎ’ and in Korean ‘seoye’. When translated into English these mean, the way or principal of writing, the method or law of writing and the art of writing, respectively. Scripts can be classic looking, reminiscent of biblical pages and Latin documents and they can also have a new, modern twist! We love seeing what our talented designers have created and we are always the first to check back and see what has been uploaded recently.

If we were to pick a favorite category, this would definitely be a top contender! All of these fonts pair well with others, so download as many as you like and get trying them out. We advise pairing a super scripty style with a more paired back sans version so as to not overload your work and avoid any hard to read end results. Script and sans really are the best of friends and work and play so well together, trust us you won’t regret it.